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When a child comes to our place, they become adventurers, architects, artists, engineers, scientists and storytellers. They are important, loved and respected.


Our Relationships

We believe in education based on relationships. Our children thrive because each child and their family are valued as an important part of our community. We aim to help children learn to value themselves, appreciate others and celebrate differences. By listening to and respecting our children, families and fellow educators, meaningful relationships can develop now and into the future.

The Way We Learn

Our children are free to…

“Make anchors and treasure boxes.” -Esteban, 4.

“Draw the police.” -Alexander, 3.

Be “happy and just laughing.” -Wen Wen, 4.

In other words, to explore, create and imagine.


Our Environment

In our little community, we have an environment that gives so much and a beautiful natural resource at our back door… even our possum family has a part to play! What can I learn from our environment and what can I give back? In our community, you and I are different. What can I learn from you to help me become a strong, cooperative person?

Open Minds

We honour and embrace open mindedness because it opens children’s and educators’ minds to things that are different, reduces fear caused by ignorance and prepares children for a world they are yet to explore..